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New Patient Information / Appointments

During your first visit to our office several forms will need to be completed (these can be downloaded) and include patient registration, assignment of benefit / HIPPA form. If you wish a new patient history form is also available for download. All forms are in PDF format.

Helpful Patient Visit Information

Bring all medications both prescription and non-prescription items that you are currently taking! This point cannot be emphasized enough. Patients may be taking medications from different pharmacies and different doctors making it difficult to obtain this information via electronic query. Medications have multiple names for the same drug. Medication errors are a significant problem in the health industry, so bringing the exact medication you are currently taking will help us in providing quality medical care! Please notify the office personal about any blood thinners, issues with bleeding, and or anesthesia in the past.

Arrive 20 to 30 minutes ahead of your appointment time if you plan on completing the registration papers in the office.

If you are referred by another physician, please ask your doctor or nurse practitioner to forward current lab, x-rays and other tests that are related to your referral. It would be appreciated if these arrive in advance of your visit.