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Small Bowel Capsule Exams

PillCam capsule
Despite the use of flexible scopes to examine the upper and lower digestive tract their is a large amount of the small intestine that is difficult to examine. Dr. Schneider has been performing capsule studies of the small bowel for twelve years. Through modern technology components have been placed into a capsule that can be swallowed by the patient. The capsule is equipped with sensors and flash not unlike those on your smart phone. The pill cam then takes a series of photos as it travels through the digestive track. The photos are transmitted to a recording device attached to the patients abdomen. The patient is then allowed to leave the office and return several hours later. There are some minor steps to prepare for this test. The capsule is a sealed unit that is then passed in stool waste. This captures photos of the entire small bowel in most cases. The recorder is returned and images downloaded to a computer for review. PillCam is registered trademark of Medtronic and is the capsule system used by our clinic.